Technical Support Engineer

Telecommute · Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom · Support · SUP


At Vero, we help customer-focused teams use real-time data to send high quality email messages.

We enable engineers and marketers to work together to track, store and organise their data and workflows to power more useful email campaigns. We've tracked over six billion actions for more than five hundred million end-users and we're growing quickly.

About the role

Great Customer Support is crucial and something we take seriously at Vero.

We're looking for a Technical Support Engineer to join our team and help new and current Vero customers use Vero successfully and solve problems they run into. In this role, you will provide both technical and non-technical advice to ensure customers have a great experience.

To excel in this role you must be a great communicator and enjoy working with both customers and the Product and Engineering to solve hard technical problems, fix root causes and advise on solutions or workarounds to help the customer achieve their goals.


As a Technical Support Engineer at Vero, your job is to answer customers' questions and ensure they can get setup and continue to user Vero happily. Your job is to help customers with anything and everything, using your technical background to promptly solve their problems, or investigate and fix root causes.

Specific responsibilities in this role:

You'll work with the Product and Support teams on a daily basis to make Vero a better product, and to ensure customers have the best experience they can.


Here’s a list of skills we expect you to bring to your role as a Support Engineer at Vero.

Technical skills:

For your reference, Vero is predominantly built using the following tools:

Other skills:

The most important aspects of this role are a focus on problem solving and a desire to find the root cause, fix it and make Vero a better product for our customers.


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