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At Vero, we help customer-focused teams use real-time data to send high quality email messages.

We enable engineers and marketers to work together to track, store and organise their data and workflows to power more useful email campaigns. We've tracked over six billion actions for more than five hundred million end-users and we're growing quickly.

About the role

Great Customer Support is crucial and something we take seriously at Vero.

We're looking for a Technical Support Engineer to join our team and help new and current Vero customers use Vero successfully and solve problems they run into. In this role, you will provide both technical and non-technical advice to ensure customers have a great experience.

To excel in this role you must be a great communicator and enjoy working with both customers and the Product and Engineering to solve hard technical problems, fix root causes and advise on solutions or workarounds to help the customer achieve their goals.


As a Technical Support Engineer at Vero, your job is to answer customers' questions and ensure they can get setup and continue to user Vero happily. Your job is to help customers with anything and everything, using your technical background to promptly solve their problems, or investigate and fix root causes.

Specific responsibilities in this role:

  • Answer support tickets in a timely manner during your working day,
  • Coordinate issues with other Support Team members to ensure a timely resolution of issues,
  • Build relationships with Vero's customers, constantly striving to help them do their best work, as efficiently as possible.

You'll work with the Product and Support teams on a daily basis to make Vero a better product, and to ensure customers have the best experience they can.


Here’s a list of skills we expect you to bring to your role as a Support Engineer at Vero.

Technical skills:

  • 3+ years software engineering experience. We expect you’ll have two or more years commercial experience as a software engineer using Ruby. Ruby is the primary language at Vero, and the one you'll use for scripting and interacting with the system. Familiarity with Python, PHP or other languages is a bonus and will help you help customers faster.
  • Advanced HTML and JS knowledge. To be effective in this role you’ll need advanced skills in HTML and Javascript. Whether it’s hacking out an email template or debugging in the Chrome Console, you get excited by finding the solution to the problem at hand.

For your reference, Vero is predominantly built using the following tools:

  • Amazon AWS. We use a lot of Amazon's AWS offerings here at Vero.
  • Databases. We use PostgreSQL, Redshift, Cassandra, Redis and ElasticSearch here at Vero.
  • Ruby. This is the common language at Vero. Most of Vero’s services are built in Ruby, but our team has extensive experience with Java, Python, Objective C, Javascript and keep our eye on advances in traditional and modern languages and frameworks.

Other skills:

  • Communication. You’ll be a great communicator. You’re the frontline for our team’s contact with companies sending large volumes of mission critical emails.
  • Problem solving. A passion for solving complex customer problems in the most robust and fastest way possible, helping them achieve their goals without sacrificing quality. You’ll have an interest in the way businesses operate globally and the challenges they face, as you’ll be working with people from around the world.
  • Empathy. A good eye and sense for people’s needs and wants. A high EQ is important.
The most important aspects of this role are a focus on problem solving and a desire to find the root cause, fix it and make Vero a better product for our customers.


  • Competitive salary. We're a profitable, growing company and believe in paying all of our employees well. We're a startup, but we make sure we look after our team.
  • Flexible work. Work in the way that produces the best results. Many of our team members work from home and we’re committed to helping you feel like you can be the happiest and most productive you, whether that’s in our well-appointed office, or somewhere else. Note: due to the nature this role, you will be required you to work during standard office hours, Monday to Friday in your timezone.
  • Make a difference. As a small team, you’ll be working with highly motivated, fast-thinking and intelligent team members from multiple walks of life. Our engineer to email volume ratio is 1:33,000,000. We believe in small teams that use processes and engineering to move the needle (WhatsApp, Instagram) and have built a team to match.
  • Team Retreat. We host an annual team retreat (last year we went to Bali) to get together as a team, challenge the status-quo and explore new parts of the world.

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